Marketing tips to grow your brand on Instagram

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It’s not anymore a trade secret that your brand’s presence on hacking Instagram password is as important as it’s a presence on other social media platforms. It’s a social media platform with over 500 million users which provides a great marketing platform to reach customers from any corner of the world.

In order for a successful marketing campaign, you need to increase your following on a steady and consistent basis. After all, the more people will result in more engagement which will improve your sales or will ultimately help your brand achieve its target efficiently.

  1. Utilize free Instagram tools to it’s full potential

Instagram just after its acquisition started following Facebook’s path of differentiating personal profiles and business ones. The business profiles come with few more additions such as a call to action, which enables users to call, email or text the business directly from their Instagram page. Along with a call to action, Instagram also introduced an analytics tab for these profiles calling it “Insights”, giving this business a chance to improve by having a look at their impressions and engagement data.

So, if you are a growing business then you might want to turn your profile to a business profile and to take advantage of these features.

The more you understand how your audience interacts with you the better you can serve them.

      2. Cross promote your profile

Are you popular enough on twitter but Instagram is not quite your place right now then you might want to try to turn your Twitter followers to your Instagram followers? Then why don’t you invite them to like your page on Instagram? Promote your posts on your social media account and try them to attract to your Instagram profile as they are already interested in your offerings it will be easy for you to attract them even to a new network without many efforts.

But why it’s important to be connected with your customers everywhere? The answer is simply because everyone is not active everywhere every time so you might don’t want to lose some profits because you were not passionate enough.

  1. Don’t overwhelm your audience

You want to post enough that your brand stays relevant, but posting a lot isn’t going to solve any of the problems. Because posting so frequently is going to irritate your audience and if your audience is only getting irritated then what’s the whole point of posting.

Post twice a daily and something new and creative then later you can try to reduce it to one post daily and when you have crossed the threshold be being a small brand then you should just post once in two days which will be relevant. Even you can start to experiment with some new patterns and can analyze which one is working better.

  1. Interact with your followers

Taking out two seconds to reply to a comment is not going to harm you but is gonna make your followers happy and a happy follower base will benefit your brand only. This simple thing can create a loyal customer as well turn them into your promoter also.

Also, try out some nice tricks where people will interact with your posts because you know it’s gonna help your brand only.

  1. Use creativity

Being creative with your posts is the best way to connect with your audience. It’s much more effective than posts which looks like direct advertisements. Try to connect with your audience with some funny relevant posts that will make them feel a sense of connection and sometimes it creates a sense of trust also.

So, these were few tips that would help you grow your brand efficiently but in the end, it’s you who have to do all the work and we can just wish you luck that you should succeed in what you have planned for your business.

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