What is missing on Instagram? What are Instagram’s weaknesses ?

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Instagram has become the best social networking sites in today’s time. Instagram may be the best in every aspect but still, there are some glitches that need improvement. In this article, we will take a look at all the missing things or the weakness of Instagram.

The conclusion has been made by keeping in mind the user journey and in what ways does it lacks to satisfy the user completely.

  • The first and foremost problem that most of the users complain about is that Instagram is only supported by IOS and Android. Any other users like blackberry or windows cannot use this application in their smartphone. This also is a disadvantage for the marketers as they are unable to target all the devices and hence cannot reach some of them.
  • The photo-sharing app doesn’t guarantee you that your image is free from being used by someone else, hence the photos lose their copyright. Hence one must be very careful before letting your image out to the world.
  • The various filter that is available on Instagram is a positive aspect but it can have a negative effect for all those users who are being manipulated by showing a highly edited picture of a product which turns out be different in real after purchasing.
  • Many users have come forward to fake pages of product sellers on Instagram and have got trapped into frauds by paying them and not getting their product delivered. Instagram should get a hold on such pages and prevent them from ruining the user experience.
  • It becomes very hard for the user to sometime search for a page or person by their username as they cannot be found if they haven’t typed the correct username. Hence it can sometimes become very difficult to find some users.
  • As Instagram is said to be a visual platform but the same can sometimes prove to be a drawback as your content can be easily plagiarized by just taking a screenshot. So it is necessary for Instagram to keep a check on Screenshot and not allow to take one or if taken should notify the owner for the same.
  • Tagging a person who has a private account makes no sense as they are not able to have a look at the post and this can even lead to misuse of their username by tagging you.
  • Instagram ads are quite expensive and at the same time, our data is been sold to people to learn and get to know their target audience and use that to increase their sale. Hence Growtopia hack our data is not that safe we think they are. This makes me realize that nothing comes for free.
  • It needs a good internet connection otherwise it takes time to loads things. Sometimes you even have to refresh to update the likes and comments on your post.
  • We don’t get notified when a new IG video is added by the person we are following.

These were some of the problems that most of the Instagram users face today. It may be comfortable for some and I agree that most of us are besotted by Instagram but still, there are some things on which Instagram should work on to improve the User journey.

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